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  1. Members subscriptions
    Annual membership fee 50 euros

  2. Services offer to the members ( promotion,updating, communication, occupation e.t.c.)

  3. Organizing of events, competitions, festivals e.t.c.

  4. Organizing and hosting web sites

  5. Advertisements
    Advertisement banner on the central page of International Art Society
    Annual cost: 50 euros (only for members)

  6. Financing of members

  7. Drawing up of budjets and working plans for the set-up of events

  8. Management of artists

  9. Management of vehicles and institutes of civilization

  10. Civilization plans (representative of each area or place)



International Art Society is organizing  the Artists of the year Competiton.
Artists who gain fisrt prize in all competitions held within the frame work of the present Interartia (photography, mousic, video, movie etc) may participate.



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